G-Series platform market

Engineers are making their embedded products into the embedded market with the arrival of the new AMD Embedded G-Series platform. OEMs can now add the parallel processing power of the AMD Radeon 6310 GPU to their applications. By doing this, it’s possible to add supercomputer-like performance to small-form-factor embedded designs and obtain a previously unachievable performance-per-watt ratio. Implementing the hardware is only one part of the game. OEMs also face the challenge of implementing this state-of-the-art technology in their new or existing applications, including validation and verification of the applications’ functionality and access to hardware functions and I/Os. To reduce the amount of R&D work,  embedded products lower costs and shorten their products’ time to market, they seek ways to cut down their initial development and migration tasks. One approach is to make use of a hardware vendor’ migration services.


refer to:  http://embedded-computing.com/white-papers/white-small-form-factor-sff-designs-2/

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