The Essential Features of Next-Generation Firewalls

In the past, hacker attacks were opportunistic and focused on the small and unimportant part of the system; however, today’s threats are stealthy and more focused on applications and valuable data. Countering these more complex cyber-attacks requires a new generation firewall that can also mitigate application-based attacks. Here are ten (10) essential features of the Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) suggested by IT experts:
1. Firewall
2. VPN (need to support IPSec/SSL VPN simultaneously)
4. Web Filtering
5. Advanced Malware Monitoring and Intrusion Protection
6. Anti-Spam
7. Traffic Shaping
8. Data Leakage Prevention
9. Network Access Control
10. SSL Proxy

To leverage these cord features, IT experts also suggest that NGFW hardware should include the following features:
1. Certain degree of scalability to expand performance in the future.
2. Easy to install or uninstall parts to reduce time to shut down.
3. Built-in high-efficiency management tool.

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